Sunday, December 6

The Microsoft Meet Now functionality

 I completed Windows Update in my computers and saw the new "Meet Now" button in the system notification area:

I tried it, and it is very convenient to create a meeting with friends. One friend actually joined using a MacBook, and this web-based online meeting is working well for her too.

Microsoft is using this button to utilize Skype for the online meeting, to compete with ZOOM. Skype is already installed in every Microsoft Windows computer, by default, but it requires an account to perform the task. Not everyone wants to jump through all the hops to use it, even though it is actually very useful. Skype has the best sound quality several years ago before I stopped using it. 

Anyway, now Microsoft forcefully (carefully, quietly) added this functionality in every Windows desktop to enable instant website online meeting without requiring registration overhead. That is a smart move. 


A bug in coursera registration

This is the first time I use this browser/computer to visit

I clicked "register"(or sign on?), and click "use my facebook account to register".

Then in the next page Safeguarding Your Privacy: "By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms of Use" I regretted. My facebook is too personal. Maybe I can use my Google account? 

I don't want to continue. So I select the next link "I don’t want to agree. Please delete my account instead." The good news is that there are options for me to select what data to delete, and I can choose all of them:


The bad news is: I need input my so call password. I haven't actually created the account, created a password yet. 

So I can't proceed to "delete" my account, which doesn't actually fully created, doesn't exist yet.

Not a big deal. I will just go to the homepage to create a new account, using the Google account I am thinking of.

Dang! When I go to the homepage, it shows up the  Safeguarding Your Privacy: "By checking this box, I confirm that I have read and agree to the Terms of Use" again. And the only options I have are the same: Either agree with the terms, or go to the Deleting Your Account page which I can't proceed without the non-existing password.

I can't get around this. I left this for 48 hours, came back to it, and still got the same pages.

I actually Googled how to delete cookies from a site, and removed 4 cookies of Go to the home page of it and got the same thing.