Friday, February 15

Hacker's spirit: bypass iPhone passcode.

There is a trick to bypass iPhone passcode to access your contact list, pictures, if the iphone is physically accessed by others. I am reluctant to give out the link here, because I think it actually works, and it is dangerous.

1. Hacker's exploration is endless. The trick includes pressing different buttons and making uncommon calls. I am fascinated how the combination can be found! That is the hacker's spirit: exploring the world that common people don't usually look at.

2, Protect your phone properly. Don't think the passcode is good enough. Sure, passcode is still important.

3, Apple will deliver patch soon to fix this problem.

Sunday, February 10

Is Macy your friend?

晚上丫丫拿我的手机乱翻,看到了一个多月前Macy's 发来的广告信: Merry Chiristmas!
Is he your friend?
Is he your best friend?
不算best吧...Macy's 并非我的特别favorite,Target离我更近一些。所以我就回答:
No, not the best friend.
Does he sit with your all the time?
No, not all the time.
Yes. 好吧,我被你打败了。