Friday, June 30

My Reading Blog

My reading blog has fewer visiters than this blog. In Bloglines, the reading blog has 5 subscribers, while this blog has 64 subscribers. But actually, I updated my reading blog more frequently than this one. When I was busy working on my thesis, I had nothing to say, so I seldom update this one; but I still kept reading, and kept sending new links into the reading blog.

When I'm reading through the Internet, and find some interesting articles, I simply use Blog It tool to add them into my reading blog, and add a few words to introduce them. Simplicity is the motivation that I keep blogging.

Below are the reading blogs I wrote in 2006 so far:


The Japanese is too polite to rob a bank.

"Any idea how you rob a bank?"

The Real New Economy

Phase IV:The world is a mystery for which we care on a global scale

Longing for passion

The worst part is that I envy him for being passionate about his job

A funny Street Sign in Shanghai

West and East?


Why the Canadian Government apologize to Chinese community.

Soccer is against Islam

See things from different point of view.


New brides of Myanmar

Soccer Glossary

Soccer terms in English/Chinese


Are Web Services Real?

Is it another hoax?

国内调查机构质疑BSA 称软件盗版率不超3成

Piracy software in China


Cultual Evolution


secret weapons for massive research productivity (SWMRP)


Mother's love

工作场所的Small Talk

Small topics to talk



Anita Mui

MIT Open Course of Algorithm

I should follow the course some day.


Some education problems in China

Google's China Problem (and China's Google Problem)

Such a famous article

How to Rob a Bank

The Japanese guy should have read this one

Overheard in New York: The Voice of the City

Small chat in NY


Hard to say


Some websites decided to self-sensor


Depression Disease.


no comment


About Traditional/Simplify Chinese Character



《V for Vendetta》和《Thank you for smoking》

Introducing two movies


How to use English words in Contonese


no explanation, for such a strong life



Simplify Chinese Character Draft, second edition

Attention Means Attention

Hang out with positive people

Formatting advice everyone should know

How to write thesis


Kong Fu Movie can be more than Kong Fu


Excerpt of Chinese Songs


Make programming attractive


Contonese song lyrics


People don't care about too much. They care about their daily life



Much worse than Google Map


An action in Taiwanese blogsphere


The picture is well-known


Application of Blog in education


Detail of KUSO



Chinese science

Java 4K Game Programming Contest

I couldn't think of an interesting application, what a pity.

Richard Lam's New Year Resolution

Make your plan every year.

Gees, I didn't know I had read/written so many in these six months.



If you wish to learn a lot more about soccer, you shouldn't just watch games. You should also read about soccer jargon and the good thing about this is that you could now check out online resources for this.

Saturday, June 24

EnergizeIT in Calgary.

June 24, University of Calgary.

I know this seminar is for introducing Windows Vista which is in its Beta 2 last week.

The first thing I like about the Vista is the Virtual Folder. It's like Symbolic Link in Unix/Linux. In Unix/Linux, ln has been long deployed. Sometimes a file can be saved in different place. For example, a picture can be treated as "Family Gethering" picture, and "2006 Summer" picture, so it can be saved in both folders. That is to say, when I try to find it, it is expected in any of these folders. But I don't want to make duplicate of it, because that will waste my harddrive space; and if I want to add a waterprint to the picture, I have to do it twice. That's the situation that Symbolic Link can be used. We put the picture in one folder, and put a link in another folder; double click the link can open the file. Looks like Shortcut? No, it's very different from shortcut. At least, in the thumbnails, you can't see the picture of a shortcut.

Second, The Gadget bar can put some small applications. No matter how big your screen is, Microsoft can help you to make use of it. I like the running clock. :) Also, in some gadgets I saw the familiar symble of RSS rss, so I assume I can put any RSS feed, and it can display the news from that feed.

IE 7+ is the default browser of Vista. Tab Browsing (of course) is the biggest feature. Yes, in Tab Browsing, Microsoft has something new. It can make thumbnails of all the tabs. It can be helpful, if you have more than 20 tabs running, and you forget which one you want to look at.
The speaker also talk about the search engine problem. Last month somebody claim that the MSN search engine is built in the IE, so it's not fair to other search engine. The speaker showed us how easy it is to use other search engines, such as Google. When I was listening, I was thinking if I can still make custom search engine, such as Baidu MP3, BT download, Ciba as I made for Firefox.
About security, IE7+ provides 2 techniques. 1, Other browsers only judge a website by the existence of security certification. If the certification is existed, Firefox and IE 6 display a lock lock. But IE7 look at the certification to see if it is provided by a trusted site. If it is from a trusted site, the address bar will become green. Sounds interesting? 2, Microsoft maintain a whitelist and a blacklist. When user visits a website which is in the blacklist, she will get prompted. This is Microsoft's way to fight the rampant phishing activities. Many listeners asked questions about the whitelist and blacklist: How to get in the lists, and how to get out; Do we need to pay? What I concern is: We don't trust a commercial company to maintain such lists. Will Microsoft transfer the list to a non-commercial organization?

Tuesday, June 13

The last patch of Windows 98

Microsoft announced today that this is the last patch of Windows 98/ME, which means that these two operating systems are abandoned from the production line.

Windows ME (Mellennium Edition) has never become a mainstream product, because the previous version, Windows 98, was too successful, and the next edition, Windows 2000, which has better security features, is more attractive for users.

Let's talk about the history of Windows.

Windows 1 was a toy, and Windows 2 got a little bit of attentions. But Windows 3.0 was the first successful Windows openrating system. The graphic interface is more accessible than the urgly DOS interface. The later version, Windows 3.1, became popular through out the world.

Because the Windows 3.0 was developed for desktop users, and many security problem were found by computer experts, Microsoft decided to make another OS, based on Windows 3.0. Windows NT 3.1 is the result of this decision. There are two versions of Windows NT 3.1: Workstation and Server.


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