Tuesday, March 22

A bug in Outlook RSS Feeds... or is it Firefox's bug?

Last week I blogged about how hard to find a good RSS notifier. Microsoft Outlook 2007 has RSS Feeds functionality, but when there is new items in the feed, it is not notifying the user like new email arrival.

What I want to say in this blog is, when I tried to subscribe one feed, which is using HTTPS connection, the Microsoft Outlook 2007 made a mistake. The link is like https://xxxx.xxx.com/rss.xml, then you should be able to click "Subscribe" to add it into Microsoft Outlook 2007:

(Firefox 4.0)

But when you click, you will see :

The "http://" is added in front of "https://" .

I'm not sure if that is a bug of Firefox or Outlook.
IE 8 only has has the ability to add to its own Active Feed list. I don't think it is actually useful.