Saturday, February 10

Clear Type

After I installed Windows 2003 Server, I noticed that the font is ugly. I know that is because I haven't deployed Clear Type yet.

Clear Type is never officially introduced. After you install a Windows system, you don't get any message suggesting you to install it. Each time you upgrade your system, it is automatically turned off, if it was on. But the fact is, it is very important for LCD monitor users. You can check the right image to find out the difference, both in Chinese characters and English characters. (Click the image will open the original one with bigger size.)

Google "Microsoft Clear Type" will direct you to Microsoft's ClearType Tuner page. You can read the scientific principle of using Clear Type, and adjust your Clear Type setting by downloading an add-on. Wait, the add-on only works with Windows XP. For my Windows 2003 Server, I downloaded the ClearType Tuner PowerToy to perform the task. It works pretty good now.

One hint: Clear Type shows great improvement in italic font. That's why in the ClearType Tuner page, the sample is in italic.
One more: Clear Type only works for LCD monitor, not CRT monitor.

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