Thursday, August 31

About Microsoft: FUD

In ABC News, one article talks about Microsoft:
The safe choice in your IT environment has been Microsoft. That hasn't always meant it was your best technological choice, but it has repeatedly won the nod because it provides the balance between compatibility, usability, and support that most small and medium businesses crave.
I mentioned that "Microsoft is a company which can make good things perfect." It doesn't necessary be the first one to make some kind of software, but when it starts to focus in that area, other competitors must consider how to leave the market elegantly.

But, that can be some kind of FUD. In the 80s, IBM run a commercial in technical megazines and TV: If you don't know what brand to buy, you should always select IBM, because everyone knows this name. If there's anything wrong with the computer, your boss won't blame you. "No one ever got fired for buying IBM". This is the origin of FUD: Fear, Uncertanty, and Doubt. Now, the boss think Microsoft's products are good enough, so no one wants to buy any other (risky) products.

Another kind of FUD is that Microsoft always claim a new product before its release. The market of competing products will evacuate because people will stop buying those competing products when waiting for Microsoft's.

  • crave: beg, desire.
  • seamy: unpleasure. the seamy side of life.
  • impatial mediator