Tuesday, June 15

wildcard in no_proxy

 I searched information about no_proxy , and this post open my eyes. In summary, it shows the discrepancy between upper case HTTP_PROXY, HTTPS_PROXY, NO_PROXY and lower case http_proxy, https_proxy, no_proxy, and the tools behave differently to them. Basic rule: only use lower case of these variables.

no_proxy was not very famous, and I wonder why. Whenever you set proxy to visit out-of-network resource, it is guarantee that you need to set no_proxy to visit local network resources without going though the proxy.

Anyway, that post tested 5 different tools (curl, wget, ruby, python, go), and for no_proxy setting, it tested *.hostname . Now I want to report that "no_proxy=192.168.0.*" would not work for curl and wget, but it is working for telnet .

Yes it is all so strange. I agree with the title of that post: We need to standardize no_proxy.


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