Friday, August 23

autorun.inf issue

"autorun.inf" is a file name that if you put into the root folder of a USB or CD/DVD, it can be executed automatically in Windows default setting when the USB/CD/DVD is inserted into computer. You can say it is a variant of autoexec.bat, if you know what that means.

That can be very dangerous. Some virus creates this file to execute itself and gain control in a new computer. That is why whenever I got a new computer under control, I always disable the autorun functionality.

Sure, AntiVirus software knows that too. So most (all that I know of) AntiVirus software disable this file by default. In most enterprise deployment, a user doesn't have the option NOT to disable it.

Here comes the problem: I downloaded a trial version of Matlab. During installation the program tried to unzip files into a local folder. Unfortunately there is a "autorun.inf" in the zip file, so there is no way to unzip successfully. As I said, as an enterprise user, I don't have access to change AntiVirus software settings, or disable it.

So at this point, I don't see a way to install Matlab.