Wednesday, April 17

Will Windows Start Menu be back?

I got sources telling me that Microsoft is seriously considering taking the Start Menu back. I welcome this move.

Microsoft made a bold move to remove the Start Menu from Windows 8, because it wanted to push people from desktop to "Metro style". It insisted that even after getting a lot of complaints from internal/external testing users. I understand that thought and admire that insist. But the reality is, this move is getting negative feedback from most users. I've never heard of anybody liking this change.

Microsoft guys told me that when the mouse is moved to the lower left corner, there is a little icon shows up. When that is clicked, the Metro panel shows up to list common used items. "It acts like the Start Menu". No, that is very different from Start Menu, because when that icon is clicked, I can't see my current windows, and that makes me nervous.

At least, give us costumers the options to vote for Start Menu please.

Windows Blue was rumored as "Windows 9" in March; now it is likely to become "Windows 8.1" as an update of Windows 8, which was released less than 6 months ago. It is good that Microsoft lower the ambitious plan and face the reality.

People keep saying "PC is dead". It is true that the smartphones and tablets (Kindle, iPad...) are very convenient, but PC is still a very productive tools in a lot of scenarios. At least, I don't want to type this blog in a smartphone. Staring at the soft keyboard of iPhone, moving out the thumbs to locate the small keys, that aren't the correct way to type.