Sunday, May 11

Three sides of a story

In today(May 5th)'s INBOX, Patrick Donnelly cited Kevin Libin's National Post report about Chinese consulates arresting a trespassing protester. The Chinese "reportedly" threatened the protester's life.

No, that's a wrong citation. It is only reported that the president of the Tibetan Community of Alberta said so. Let's hear from the other two sides of the story, from the same National Post report.

Staff Sergeant Barry Balerud said Tuesday a report from officers called to the scene makes no mention of any threats or physical force.

Chinese officials of the consulate were not reached to comment. Their voice is mute.

I think the case is clear enough after you read the police officer's comment. If the president of the Tibetan Community of Alberta was telling the truth, the Chinese officials "blew smoke in his face...handcuffed him and twisted his hands . . .tore apart his pants...", he should have reported that to police to start an investigation. But he chose not to do so, but to tell the reporter. I think you know why. This is a free country, and you can say anything to a reporter.

"Handcuffed". Yes, if someone step into my lawn and cursing me, I would arrest him and handcuff him as well, before the police come.

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