Sunday, May 25

Spell checker of Open Office

The spell checker (myspell) of my Open Office is not working, because by default OO only installs English dictionaries of British, United States and South Africa. When my computer is set as English(Canada), OO can't find the correct dictionary.

So, how to install English(Canada) dictionary? The wizard in [File->Wizards->Install New Dictionaries] is not working properly, because by default, in my Ubuntu, OO is working as non-root, so the wizard doesn't have enough privilege to save the files.

Solution? Install it yourself. Visit OO Dictionaries site to download the English(Canada) file, unzip it, and copy the files (en_CA.aff and en_CA.dic) to dictionary folder using root privilege:
sudo cp en* /usr/lib/openoffice/share/dict/ooo

Restart your OO, and the spell checking should be working now.

I am using OpenOffice 2.4 at Ubuntu 8.04. Your OO dictionary folder might not be the same as mine, so locate it before you copy the files.