Tuesday, May 13

Call for donation RE: China Earthquake report

June 13.

Event, Art Gala

Theme, Raising Fund to Aid The Restoration And Rebuilding of The Loca Schools in Quake Disaster Area in China

Where, Olympic Plaza,

When, at 1100am300pm, on 21st June 2008

What involved,

Painters draw portrait, cartoon or other artistic style of your figures;

Photographers shoot to capture for your outdoor activities to create your own video albums;

Computer designing unique electronic music albums for you;

Art and handcrafts jumble sale, theatrical stage performances, and handcraft performances of scissor cut and paper folding.

May 26.

Robert Luo, of Calgary's Chinese New Immigrant Society, lays candles in the shape of a heart at a memorial for quake victims Monday at City Hall.

May 25. A 5.8 magnitude aftershock killed one more person in epicenter. Secondary disasters like flooding and landslides, epidemics, and providing shelter for the 5 million displaced are the main concerns now.
May 24. Chinese community is organizing a Chinese Earthquake Candle Night on Monday, March 26. Calgarians, please bring your candle to Olympic Plaza after sunset to share your condolence for the unlucky ones.
May 23. A 80-year-old man is pulled alive from the rubble, 266 hours after the earthquake.
March 20. Officials say 70,000 people are dead or missing. Calgarians can visit Chinese consulate general (1011 6th Ave, S.W) to sign the condolence book.
May 19. The whole China mourn the death, one week after the earthquake.
May 16. Bev Oda, the minister of International Co-operation of Canada, says the federal government will match private donations made to aid groups working on disaster relief in Myanmar and China.
May 15, China has accepted rescue team from Japan, Taiwan to help the rescue process.
The dams in the area were damaged. Some new lakes emerged after the earthquake. Because of aftershocks and rainfall, these dams and lakes are in unstable status, so the rescuers are in great danger when they are saving lives.
There are so many blood donors all around China, the blood donor clinics in Beijing, Shanghai have reach their capacities.
March 14, some soldiers marched into the epicenter, and start pulling people from the rubble. The official death toll is 15,000, when another 25,000 are believed to be buried.

Local Chinese community will staff booths Saturday and Sunday at malls and stores around the city -- collecting money in donation boxes. Chinese Consulate (1011 6th Ave, S.W) also accept donation. Please forward this message to your friends who concern of this issue.
Dear my friends,

There was a 7.8 magnitude earthquake in Wenchuan City, China at 1AM Monday, Calgary time. My family is not close to this area, and they are safe. Thanks for your concern.

The earthquake has killed 12,000 people, and the number is still increasing with the rescue process. There is no number coming from the epicenter, Wenchuan City. There are very few calls from that city, and the roads are totally destructed, so the situation of that city is unknown. The city has 100,000 population.

Chinese Prime Minister Wen is staying 100 kilometres away from the inaccessible city to organize the rescue. Helicopters were forced to set back because of the raining weather. Army is walking towards the city. The whole province is mountainous, so the heavy rainstorm and landslides are preventing the rescue process. There are still aftershocks.

Canadian Red Cross can help to forward your generosity to those people in need. The secure website https://www.paypaq.com/redcross/new/index.php accepts online credit card donation and send you donation receipts for tax return. Please select the 5th Fund Designation, China Earthquake:

Thank you. Please forward this email to your friends who concern of this issue.

I will keep this blog entry updated.