Wednesday, April 23

Let the Chinese speak

今天(星期三)当地的号角报 Calgary Herald把我的读者来信登出来了。

Calgary Herald

Published: Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Re: "Anti-China protests called shocking, unfair," April 21.

Richard Cuthbertson's report of the voice from Chinese Calgarians is precious. It is so unique. Why haven't we heard that before?

In the last month, most reports in papers and TV shows demonized China. In the media, China has been an evil country in the last 50 years. Because of that, the voice from China has not been heard by western society, so the anti-China activists, including Tibet's government-in-exile, Falun Gong practitioners, independent Taiwan activists, have been controlling the speaking, and western society has been listening to a one-sided story.

There are a lot of Chinese living in Canada, and I am one of them. We seldom speak out. You hardly see Chinese names in newspapers, or Chinese people talking on TV. Chinese people have the tendency not to cry for attention. Confucius said: Be silent and check yourself first. One important rule in Tao is: The loudest sound is silence. So we are always working hard to show our ability. We are the best persons to be consulted on Chinese issues. Because we lived in China before living in Canada, we have a lot of connections in China. At the same time, we are proud Canadians. So we can tell the world about the real China, in your language.

Ben Lin,



"The Games is the Games; nothing for politics," he said.

Tsang said China is improving, and the Beijing Olympics are an important time for Chinese of his era.

Tsang noted the message of free Tibet protesters, but wonders what the region itself wants -- independence, or simply fairer treatment?

Only when all information is on the table, he said, can the people decide.

Yang said some people have a misperception of China -- a view they believe doesn't fit with Olympic ideals.


星期一夜里发出的信,昨天(星期二)拼命查报纸,没有刊出,很失望。想不到今天早上接到一个老华侨的电话,才知道出来了 :D


注:上次游行的组织者们设立了一个请愿网站,让议员 Rob Anders 收回他的话并道歉。具体内容在该网站上都写得很清楚。希望所有在Calgary的华人都去签名。网址:

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