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Calgary 今天游行,停止仇恨,反对藏独



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Barry Cooper's article on Wednesday's Calgary Herald “Olympic boycott would not loosen China's hold on Tibet ” is full of baloney and false accuse to Chinese Government.

First, he claimed that the International Olympic Committee didn't act responsibly to let Toronto host 2008 Olympic. Since he raised this topic, I would like to hear his evidence. China has acted actively in the Olympic Games and got a lot of medals ( 16 gold in 1996, 28 gold in 2000, 32 gold in 2004) , Why should she be banned of hosting the games?

Also, he called Tibet “that country”. Let's talk about history first. 1652, the 5th Dalai Lama visited Beijing and was honored by the Chinese Emperor. After that, each Dalai Lama, after he was recognized as the reincarnation of the previous Dalia Lama, received official approval from Chinese Emperor.

The Golden Urn is the system to identify the reincarnation of the previous Dalia Lama and Panchen Lama. This method originated in a decree issued by the emperor of China in 1792. By the time, Canada was not formed yet. The Golden Urn of the current Dalai Lama was chaired by Chinese officials in 1938. It is like the situation that the Governor General of Canada is appointed by The Crown. The difference between Canada and Tibet is: Tibet doesn't have similar acts like “Statute of Westminster 1931” and “Canada Act 1982” to claim its independency.

Thanks for the library of University of Texas, we can find some historical Asian maps in the 19 century and early 20 century. ( Here is a map of 1892, ("Asia" from Americanized Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol.1, Chicago 1892.)

Tibet was a part of the Chinese Empire, apparently.

Here is a map of 1926: ("Mediaeval Commerce (Asia)" From The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1926.Inset: India. )

Tibet is a part of “Empire of the Great Khan”.

Here is a military map of Transportation System, 1942-1943,( From Stillwell's Mission to China by Charles F. Romanus and Riley Sunderland [Series: United States Army in World War II: China-Burma-India Theater]. Dept. of the Army, Office of the Chief of Military History, 1953.) and I marked the location of Lhasa City in case that you are not familiar with the geography in this area. There is no border line between Lhasa and China.

All these maps show that Tibet was recognized as a part of China by the world before 1950s. After 1950s, the United Nations has declared this fact.

Then, Barry Cooper blame that a rail line was built from the Chinese border to Lhasa so that Tibet become integrated into China. I don't see anything wrong with the rail line. If there is no Canadian Pacific Railway, we Calgarians would not have been proud Canadians at all.

The last, Barry Cooper said Tibet, as well as Inner Mongolia, Manchuria, and Xinjiang, are “strategic buffer” of the Chinese homeland. He should study Chinese history before he claim this. Han people were living in the central China, and they developed better society and culture than the surrounding areas. Simply, the surrounding areas found that a central government can provide them better life, so they were integrated into central China gradually. These areas are full of minority population for a reason.

I can still tell you more about economy growth of Tibet, and the cultural relationship between Tibet and inner China (Back to Lhasa and Tibetan Plateau are popular songs all across China). But you can hear the voice from other people as well. There will be a parade in Calgary downtown on Saturday to show the will of “Peaceful Tibet and United China”. Here is the announcement from the committee:

Public Notice

As part of pan-Canada parade on condemning the recent Riots in Tibet, the Parade Committee – Calgary would announce to the public that an Exhibition about A True Tibet and a Parade will be held on Saturday, Mar. 29, 2008 starting at 1:00pm.

The parade will depart from City Hall/Olympic Plaza located at Macleod Trail and proceeds north on Macleod Trail. The parade will turn left on to 3 Avenue SW. The parade will then turn left on to 1 Street SW followed by another right on to 6 Avenue SW. Following this, the parade will turn left on to 10 Street SW and then turn left on to 8 Avenue SW. The parade will then return to the City Hall where the parade will end.

The purposes of the Exhibition and the Parade are:

1. Mourning over the innocent victims of the violence

2. Condemning the terrorists in Tibet riots

3. Display the truth about Tibet and its history

We invite all media in Alberta region to attend this activity.

For more information on the parade or the Exhibition, please contact the Parade Committee – Calgary office at (403) 828-0686.

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