Tuesday, December 11

Install ML-2010R printer in Ubuntu

I bought a Samsung ML-2010R Monochrome Laser Printer yesterday. It's only $80, a nice deal. Then it takes me 3 hours to install it in Windows 2003 computer and print from Ubuntu.

I have one Win2003 computer sitting in basement. It already has an HP printer connected, and shared for other computers in the network. In second floor there are 2 laptops running Windows XP Home/Pro, and one desktop running Ubuntu 7.10. They are connected as WORKGROUP, not DOMAIN. The HP printer has been serving all the printing jobs nicely, and the installation was an easy snap.

After taking the ML-2010R printer from the box, I inserted the cartridge and connected it into USB port of the Win2003 server. BTW, this $80 printer doesn't include a USB cable. It will take about $20 to buy it from Futureshop. Inserted the driver disk and run the autorun.exe. Everything was good. After I shared it from Win2003, the Windows XP laptops could easily install it as network printer and print test page.

When it comes to my Ubuntu desktop, that is another story. The first page I Googled gave me negative message:
I believe the Samsung ML 2010 is a GDI printer which means the rendering is done on the host PC - I don't think they can be shared between XP and Ubuntu as I could not share them via a Linksys print server between 2 XP machines

I have no idea what "GDI" is, but I decided not to listen to this post. I tried installing it the old way, the pdp way, lpi way, cups way... Finally it works and here is the conclusion:

  1. Install UnifiedLinuxDriver from Samsung's website and install it following instruction.
  2. Install the printer as ML-1750(SPL II). Don't ask me why, because the ML-2010(SPL II) driver doesn't work for me.
  3. Use smb:///win2003/laser as driver location (pic), and input user name, password to access the Win2003 server.
  4. The printer doesn't come with paper manual, but you can download it from the website. Anyway, if you hold the "Cancel" button in the printer to 2 seconds, you will get to the Toner Saver mode. If you hold it for too long, you will get a testing page :(
The Linux CUPS test page doesn't tell you anything about the driver or the submitted time. So in the final stage of my installation, I installed several printer drivers already and printed several test pages. When I went downstairs to the basement and saw one success test page, I didn't know which printer driver is the correct one. That really pissed me off. Then I have to keep walking through the second floor and basement to locate the correct driver.

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