Sunday, November 4

Modifying Orage: Setup Alarm for your event.

Orage is a lightweight calendar in Xfce desktop. Yes, it is the default calendar in Xubuntu.

I don't like adding timer after adding an event. I think whenever I add an event, the system should alarm me before it happen. The alarm is the reason why I would possibly use calendar: Remind me to eat at lunch time, so that I won't be starve.

By default Orage won't add a timer, unless you select a number from pull-down menu. So I downloaded the source code using svn. BTW, the Xubuntu 7.10 has Orage 4.4.1, when svn gives you the source code of orage 4.5.10.
In appointment.c, modify line 2029:
apptw->Alarm_spin_mm = gtk_spin_button_new_with_range(0, 59, 5);

apptw->Alarm_spin_mm = gtk_spin_button_new_with_range(1, 59, 5);

The added event will have a pop-up reminder 5 minutes before the event, by default.

For Evolution, you only need to enable "Show a reminder":