Sunday, April 1

About Source Safe (Team Foundation)

In the new version of Visual Studio, Visual Source Safe is integrated into Team Foundation. Leon described one annoying feature:
In VSTS (in opposite to VSS) Check Out action does not perform Get Latest Version.
There actually one option to perform "Get Latest Version" when opening a project. But this feature is not enough. It is common for programmers to open one project 2 days before checking out one file. We usually don't shutdown computer in the evening, because we have so many windows(IE Windows, Firefox, notepad, Windows Explorer...) open when doing programming, and those windows are scrolled down to the perfect place where we can find what we want right the way. We want to continue our work next day when we get in the office. In these 2 days when the project is open, maybe some colleague made modification of the code. If you check out without getting latest version, you will have problem when you check in: The Team Foundation will say there is a conflict, and asked you to choose "Auto Merge" or "Manual Merge". I am not sure about "Manual Merge", but I did select "Auto Merge" and all my modification is lost.

Last week Leon wrote an add-on to get latest version before checking out. You can try it out.

Last week I bring my laptop to client's site to collect user's feedback and debug my program on-site. It is challenging to do debugging when a client looking over your shoulder and waiting to see the new program. But that is not what I am trying to talk here. The problem is, when I came back from client site, I manually copied my source code to my working desktop to replace the old version in the project, and check it in to Team Foundation. When I performed "Compare to history", I surprisedly found that
the filldiff said everything is changed. In one file, I only edited one line, but now it's hard to find which line is different, because it shows that the whole file is different. It should be easy to solve this problem, isn' it?