Sunday, January 7

Bloglines's problems

First, Bloglines added one function in the Summer, 2006. I noticed that because that was a function that I think it should have. When you "Edit Subscription" of a blog, you can select either "Display as New" or "Ignore" for Updated Items. That meas if you select "Ignore", the new items in this blog won't display as new. Yes, then it will work as a bookmark in your blog list.
For example, I like the blog "Overheard in New York". When I feel down, I visit the blog items looking for fun. But I don't want to read it every day. I only want to mark it as bookmark in my blog list. So when I saw Bloglines added that function, I was so glad that they think of my need.
Unfortunately, it doesn't function properly. In August, it worked well. After that, the items from that blog keep floating in my Bloglines account.
Bloglines, hope you fix it soon.

Second, the blog of Bloglines can not display single item. I like this blog because I can save interesting links easily. Last year I saved a link of open course from MIT in to this blog as you can see from . But if you click any link of a single item, such as
MIT Open Course of Algorithm
you can't see anything. It works well last year. What's wrong with it?

Third, still the blog. I can't find a good blog tool for it. I created one tool like "Blog It!" for the Bloglines. But it only works well in IE, not it Firefox. The performancing doesn't work with Bloglines either. No good, no good.

BTW: I don't see a lot of people using this blog of Bloglines.

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