Thursday, October 5

Conversation about virus

This is a translation of " 新浪MSN大中毒事件"

Today I got a message from MSN asking me to open a link.
Unexpected, after I clicked the link, a software is downloaded and executed. Consequently, of course, my computer was infected by virus. I have a lot of Sina user friends in themy MSN friend list. After my computer was "saved"rescued/recovered, and got connected to MSN again, I found some frinds got virus too. Some friends whose computer arewere not infected told me not to open that link. But it was too late.

I think the MSN virus is distributed to those MSN users in the friend list after it poisonsinfected the first MSN user. ... So the virus is distributed through MSN.

Because many Sina netizens are in each other's MSN friend list. Sina netizens infect each other, finally bring the virus to this blog.

It is worse if your office computer is infected by virus, because you have to get those IT guys in support department to solve the problem. He will defenitely ask you something you don't like.

"Your computer got virus. What did you do?" when he asked this, he meant:"What kind of software did you download? You surf Internet when you are in office?"

So I politely said:"Yes, that's a virus. I clicked somthing I don't know. I am so glad that you can help. By the way, could you check the MSN too? I couldn't get it connected." whey my eyes said:"None of your business!"

He said "OK" when he was apparently thinking:"How can you play MSN in office? Do you come to work or play?".

I said:"I appreciate that." with the attitude: Mind your own business! I like MSN, what does it have to do with you anyway? Everyone in the office has it installed.

The computer was recovered, virus was erased, and the IT guy left.

It is lucky that the virus is not from porn website. Otherwise, it's hard to explain.



At October 07, 2006 8:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, I got cheated by you. After i finished reading this blog, i thought your computer was really infected.... ^_^/
I believe this is not intention, so It means your english still needs improvement, right?

--in MY(the) MSN frined list

--after my computer was RESCUED (saved);

--some friends whoSE computers are not infected;


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