Friday, September 8

Carry on Luggage and Checked Luggage

2 months ago UK police arrested some terrorists. Those terrorists had plan to hijack plane using electronic tools and liquid bomb. So if you carry electronic device such as cell phone or, lap-top or pda, you will be asked to turn it on to make sure it IS the device it is claimed to be; if you bring a bottle of water, you'd better throw it to gabage cantrash can before security ask before it is checked by security agent.
If you put them in checked luggage, you won't be able to touch them during the flight, it should be OK. But if you want to leave them in your carry-on luggage, you have trouble.
But you can't simply put everything in checked luggage, because it is well-known that the luggage guys don't treat your luggage nicely: They might throw your luggage from the plane to the ground, and you might lostlose your luggage because of the chaos.

In the airport At airport you can hear noticewarning:"Please don't leave your luggage unattended. Unattended luggage will be handled by our security."

When I was in Toronto airport, I bought a bottle of Sprite, but the saleslady said I couldn't take the Sprite. She had to pour the liquid into a Coke cup for me. I don't understand the difference between a cup of liquid and a bottle of liquid. It is funny that FLGers use Sprite bottle to bring gasoline too :)


At September 10, 2006 11:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

--"cell phone or lap-top or pda"-->Cell phone, laptop, or PDA
--"gabage can"--> "trash can"
--"before security ask" -->before it is checked by the security agent
--"you might lost your luggage"-->you might lose your luggage
--"you can hear notice"--> You can hear the speaker warming you ".."
--"in the airport"-->At airport. You are talking a generic airport, not one spicific airport. So no "the" before "airport"
-- "FLGers use Sprite bottle to bring gasoline"--> use Sprite bottles to take the gasline. I am not sure about this last one.


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