Saturday, September 23

Building Muscle

You hit the gym, and you work out. How to build muscle in a short time?

This is a "Body Science" topic. The basic principle is to drive blood to the muscle you want to build, so that blood brings nutrition and oxygen to the muscle mass, and that muscle mass will grow stronger and bigger.

So, the first thing we need to do is to decide which muscle you want to build, and what kind of action can train this muscle. It is not recommended to train several muscles in one set of work out.

In one set of work out, the 3/12 rule is always adopted. Work out 3 rounds, and in each round, repeat the action 9 to 12 times. Rest for 3 minutes during each round. The most important thing is: select the best suitable weight of dump bell or instrument so that you are exhausted after 12 actions. In this way, you use that muscle brutely in one round, and blood is driven into this muscle. After one round, you take a rest, and the muscle calm down before the next round. Muscle will get enough of nutrition from the blood and grow bigger and stronger.

It is important to select the suitable weight of instrument to train the muscle. When the muscle grow stronger, you have to add weight in the instrument. That's why the gym provides different weight of instruments. Always select the maximum weight for you so that you can ONLY work for 12 actions.


At September 24, 2006 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

cannot build several muscles at the same time? where did you get that concept?

I believe one can build all muscles at the same time. Usually people go to gym and work through all the machines.


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