Saturday, September 16

Books I borrowed

Today I borrowed 3 books from the library:

1, Surviving Your Disertation: A comprehensive Guide to Content and Process. This book tells how to select a research topic, how to prepare a proposal, hom this book, and I can talk like a graduate student :) This is the first book in the library by searching "writing".

2, Making Sense: A Student's Guide to Writing and Style. This book is specificly for writing. It was an old book published in 1985. It actually has one chapter talking how to use "word processor" in computer to write :) I leave this book at home, so whenever I feel too tired to go to school, I read it one or two chapters.

3, Design Patterns. This book was published in 1995, but now it is very popular. It is a classic book in Object-Oriented software design. Because it is written by 4 authors, it is called "Gang of Four Book", and the 4 authors are called Gang of Four. Maybe this name is not surprise for western people, but because I know the organizers of Chinese Culture Revolution(1966-1976) are also Gang of Four, it's funny for me.
I've read part of this book on line. It's not good to read electronic book in computer, because I am seduced to read other things on the computer, or on the Internet. I am easily diverted when reading electronic books. I was delighted to see this classic book in the library. I thought: Should I borrow it or not? I should focus on my thesis right now, that means I shouldn't read anything NOT related to my research. But this book is really interesting and it can help me in job interview, if any. So I decided to borrow it, but only read it after I get one interview. Because of the same reason, I put away one book about Java Servlet, the hottest topic in job market.

I will read th Surviving Your Dissertation every evening, and I plan to finish it in one month. In June I finished reading Asking the Right Questions in the same way, surprisingly.

I don't want to be distracted, so I don't want to borrow a lot of books, put them on my table to collect dust. That was what I did in the last 2 years. This time, I only borrow books I will definitely read, and I will read them all.
Now, including the books I borrowed last week, I have 6 books. The 3 books I havn't mentioned are:
1. The compuational complexity of Machine Learning. This is not a good book, and I will return it tomorrow.
2. Content Syndication with rss. I will use part of this book in my report.
3. Datamining Introduction and Advance Topic. This is a textbook, and I can learn datamining graduately from it. That is exactly what I want.


At September 16, 2006 10:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. "how to prepare proposal"-->how to prepare A proposal;
--"This is the first book in the library by searching "writing""-->This is the first book on the list which was returned by the library database by searching the key word "writing" (not very good, but yours is too vague);
--2."It was an old book published in 1985."-->it was such an old book as published in 1985;
--"whenever I feel tired to go to school", what does it mean? Does it mean, whenever i feel tired and do not want to go to school? or whenever i feel tired of going to school? !!
--"Maybe this name is not surprise for western people"-->I would say, maybe this name is a common name (or "is nothing special") for western people;

--"I am seduced to read other things in the computer, or in the Internet"--> on computer, or on the internet.
--"I put down one book about Java Servlet, the hottest topic in job market"-->I put aside, or put away is better than put down;

--"put them in the table, but not read them at all"--> put them on MY table to cllect the dust;

You've done a good job, Keep going!


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