Sunday, September 3

Bad Eating Habbits

From the I got a list of bad eating habbits:

  1. Skipping breakfast. Breakfast can help you to clean your fog from brain, and keep your morale in the morning. If you skip your breakfast, you might be hungry and eat more in the whole day, end up with more fat or calories.
  2. Eating before bed. When you are sleeping, you stop digesting, and the food left in stomach turns into fat. BUT in another article it is said that eating before bed can help you have good sleep and keep your muscle.
  3. Binging. Binge means eating excessive food. Of course it's not good.
  4. Starving yourself. Starving yourself can lead to overweight, because in next meal the body will save more fat to prevent starving.
  5. Eating while doing something else. You are distracted from TV or reading, so you don't notice when you eat too much.
  6. Eating too fast. It takes about 20 minutes from the time you begin to eat for the satiety signal to transfer to brain, so if you eat too fast, you might eat too much before you notice.
  7. Not drinking enought water. Eight to ten cups of water is necessary every day.
  8. Not eating enough fruits and vegetables. No need to explain.
  9. Grocery shopping when you're hungry. I don't believe this theory, but the article says that you can't trust you choice when you are hungry...

binge: excessive eating.
satiety: fullness, satisfaction. It takes 20 minutes from the time you begin to eat for the satiety signal to reach your brain.
depreciate: lower price. Joe got depreciated price from insurance company for the broken vehicle.
write off: erase, consider as dead. In the accident his car is a totally write-off.
poached egg: poach: cook in a simmering liquid. simmer: boil food for a long time.
sap: weaken. Fatique sapped his strength.
flora: plant life.
indigenous people: native people.