Thursday, August 17

What is Google doing?

Google announced its free Wifi network in it's hometown, Mountain View, CA.

Today, Google announced the availability of free Wifi network in Mountain View. The wireless network has been completed in June, and started testing in July. After several weeks testing, the feedback from users are positive enough to convince the company to open general access to the public. Most residences residents in the city can connect the a router close to them, and the signal will be transfered into Google, in from which company the internet provided. User has to provide a Google account to log in, to prevent spamming, according to the company.

The free Wifi connection is different from other free internet connection. Most companies provide free connection as well as fee-based connection. Actually in April Google and Earthlink announced that they would build Wifi network in San Francisco, and Google would provide free ad-subsidized internet, with 300kb/s connection speed, when Earthlink would provide higher speed internet with $20 fee every month.

Google says this free Wifi connection will "benefit both end users and business partners", and she is "open to opportunities and partnerships that have the potential to significantly improve the way people access and use the Internet, both today and in the future". Also she says it will be "a test ground for future innovations".

Can't wait for Google's future innovations! Google has the culture to encourage employees to invent something interesting. Actually, she encourages interesting things happening. Because she is rich, she doesn't care too much about money. :D
Microsoft is a company which can make good things perfect. For example, the Xerox Lab invented GUI system, and Apple implemented it in Mac, but later Microsoft's flawless Windows system turns out to be the best one. Netscape introduces Internet to everyone, but Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) gives better experience to users. It's hard to think of something that Microsoft invented, but she does make good things happen.
Google is different. Google make unexpected good things happen. Google search engine, Gmail, Google Desktop Search, Calendar...

I remember that Google bought some idle optical fibers in one city 2 years ago. The news also said there were a lot of idle fibers, in every city. What a waste! Hope Google can make full use of them, and make our life easier.