Wednesday, August 23

TopCoder Programming Contest

As a programmer, I take the TopCoder programming contest from time to time.

In the contest, you have 70 minutes to write programs to answer 3 questions. After that, you have 15 minutes to read other programmers' code in the same group, and challenge them, if you think their codes have bugs.
In each contest, there are 3 questions in different levels. The first one usually is only basic input/output question, and average programmer should be able to solve it in 10 minutes. The second one involves some algorithms, and you have to think about it carefully. The third one is the toughest one, and it might involve graph/tree algorithm.

Then, according to your answer and your challenge, you get points to show your talent in programming.

In the contest, when you are answering those questions, you can see what others are doing:
xxx is opening Question Two
xxx is testing Question One
xxx is submitting Question Three
Then you can feel the pressure, the heat, and the tense in the contest.