Friday, August 25

Tamil Tigers in Canada

Six Tamil agents in Toronto were arrested because they bought weapons to support Tamil Tiger in Sri Lanka. Tamil Tiger was a terrorism organization, because it invented suicide bomber 20 years ago. A politician said:"One time terrorist can be human right protester at another time" when he mentioned Hazbolla. That is true. Mendela was a terrorist before he was put into jail.

Is Tamil Tigers an illegal organization in Canada? After April, 2006, yes. You see? It's an arguable question, because some countries list it as terrorist group, and other countries don't. Canada's new government announced at April 10:"Tamil Tigers' repeated use of violence after signing a ceasefire agreement is unacceptable and seriously calls questions its commitment of peace process. "

According to Wikipedia, Tamil Tigers is fighting the Sri Lanca government since 1970s for the independence of Tamil region.
According to reports, some of the arrested Tamil agents were activists in Tamil Students' Associations in different universities, so the investigation in those universities has begun. There's rumos saying that some Tamil organizations collect Tamil students' donation and send to Tamil Tigers.

When I was working in Chinese Student's Association (CSSA) in University of Windsor, I saw that the Tamil Students' Association was very active in the Club Day. I actually saw Tamil Tigers sign in the Club Day. Of course, at that time, Tamil Tigers was a legal organization in Canada. But because I heard of things about it, I never talked to anyone of them.

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  • intimidate: threaten, frighten.