Friday, August 18

Some words I learnt today

Tackle: v, bring down.
In the Friends, the six are playing football. Monica and Ross are leaders of different teams. When Chandler is running with the ball, Monica runs to him and brings down him, then jumps up and talks to a stand-by:"Guess you do see this every day, huh?" Ross, as the leader of Chandler's, comes and asks:"What's with the tackling?"
Monica says:"I touched him and he feltfell easily."
Ross says:"You want to play tough?"
Then the scene is heated, both teams uses all the tricks to play.

Punctuation: n, The act of punctuating, the usage of punctuation mark, to mark a sentence and make the meaning clear. Punctuation marks include tilda, tick, exclamation, At sign, pound, dollar sign, percent sign, ampersand, start, perenthasis, under line, hyphen/dash, plus sign, equal, bracket, pipe sign, back slash, colon, semi colon, quote, single quote, comma, period, question mark, slash (in the order of the signs in my keyboard).

Capitol: n, The senator's house of US.