Thursday, August 24

Canada Mad Cow Disease

A new Mad Cow Disease, AKA BSE, is found in Alberta. This is the Canada's eighth case since 2003, when the disease was found.

10 years ago, before the Mad Cow Disease was found, cows were feed with animal bone, because the bone has high protein and minerals which are important to cows' life. Now it is believed that when a cow eats cow's bone, it has higher chance to get Mad Cow Disease. So, after 1997, most countries has abandoned animal bone in cow's feed.

The seventh case of Mad Cow Disease was found in July, and it is in a 50-month-old cow, that means the cow should be feed without bone at all. So, what coused the disease? This is a big problem, because if the animal bone is not the reason, we need to find the reason somewhere else.

August 26, The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said that the seventh case was likely to cause by contaminated food. So, they will track down the food, and the cattles feed by those food.

The seventh mad cow is a young cow, but the eighth is not. Experts estimated that the eighth mad cow is eight to ten years old, which means it might be feed bone before people noticed the bone problem.

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