Monday, July 17

Talks about Falun Dafa (Falun Gong)

July 7, there was a Stampede Parade in this cowboy city.
Stampede Parade
Falun was one entry in the parade.

Two days later, when two friends came to my home for dinner, Randy asked straightly:"I want to ask you a political question: what is the Falun Dafa?".

I said:"First of all, it is one kind of Qi Gong. Hum... Do you know what Qi Gong is?"

"Qi... Is that Tai Chi?" Randy asked.

"Yeah, Kind of." Actually, I should say Tai Chi is another kind of Qi Gong. But it is not that different.

And I kept talking about Falun Gong:"Practicing it you can get healthy, the same thing like you go sports or go to gym."

It's easy to understand that, as you think of it one kind of sport.

"But it discourage people to go to hospital when he gets sick. So a lot of practitioners refuse medical care even when they are dying. They blindly belived the Master Lee would rescue them." In the Bible of Falun, This is a very important concept: The sickness is the bad thing in your mind; Going to hospital is not the right way to get rid of it. If you trust the truth strongly, and you keep practicing the Falun Gong, the Master will help you to go through the hardness of sickness. And when you get recovered from sickness by practicing, you become stronger, and get closer to the truth.

Randy said:"What else did they do? I don't think the Chinese government banned it because of this. They should have done more than that."

Yes, Randy is right. There are also other religions in China which are not so "scientific correct". But those religions are not so aggresive to protest government.

Before the Falun Gong was banned, a magazine published an article, talking about the cases that practitioner died at home, thinking the sickness could be cured by practicing Falun. Several days later, hundreds of practitioners went to the building of the press, and the city council, asking the the press to apologize and punish the writer of the article. When they were refused, tens of thousands of practitioners paraded in front of the Chinese government in Beijing, until the Prime Minister talked to them.
So, in dozen days the Falun Gong organized a protest march with ten thousands of people in Beijing, the capital of China, without any permission. It is believed that the government feel the threat and ban the organization of 10 days.