Sunday, July 16

Graph of my blog


Sala built such an elegant applet to show the links of Internet. Above is the graph of my blog site, and the black dot in the middle is the main entry,, when the grey dots around it are the blogs. Finally, one blog links to the world, and increases a colorful graph of the Net!

The code is so elaborately organized that reading it is a pleasure. Unbelievable, with the 253 lines of code, including comments, the applet can implement so many functions: web crawler, parser, tree manipulation, tree drawer, 3D animation, process control. Java is no longer a "if-for-while" language. A lot of new Classes are created to help building new programs, and that is the meaning of "Code Reuse". Same thing happenes for C/C++++, Perl, Python, when you should get familiar with the existing library before making serious program.

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