Saturday, July 1

About my blogs and feeds

Usually, I use this blog,, to write down my thoughts. I assigned another domain name for it:, pointing to the same address.
But because http://* is blocked by Chinese Great FireWall (Don't ask me, I don't know why), I make a mirror site:, copy the articles to it once every week. This mirror site is built in my own computer, so it might be slow, and sometimes it is down because I shutdown my computer. But at least, it is accessible from China.

So, I have two feeds for the same blog: and Actually I burnt the feed using FeedBurner into the feed I prefer you to subscribe to this feed, if you'd like to. The best thing using the FeedBurner is: If I have to change a BSP, for any reason, you can still use this feed to get my updated blogs.

This blog is for writing what I think, and my Reading Blog is for bookmarkting my favorite webpages/articles, like The link of my reading blog is, and I gave a shorter domain name too: The feed is in I don't want to make it too complicate, so I havn't burn it using FeedBurner. Do you think I should?

Thanks for the Blogger and bloglines to provide space for these two blogs.