Tuesday, June 13

The last patch of Windows 98

Microsoft announced today that this is the last patch of Windows 98/ME, which means that these two operating systems are abandoned from the production line.

Windows ME (Mellennium Edition) has never become a mainstream product, because the previous version, Windows 98, was too successful, and the next edition, Windows 2000, which has better security features, is more attractive for users.

Let's talk about the history of Windows.

Windows 1 was a toy, and Windows 2 got a little bit of attentions. But Windows 3.0 was the first successful Windows openrating system. The graphic interface is more accessible than the urgly DOS interface. The later version, Windows 3.1, became popular through out the world.

Because the Windows 3.0 was developed for desktop users, and many security problem were found by computer experts, Microsoft decided to make another OS, based on Windows 3.0. Windows NT 3.1 is the result of this decision. There are two versions of Windows NT 3.1: Workstation and Server.



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