Thursday, April 6

Apple and Microsoft

Windows on Apple!

Why is it important? Because Apple was not following an open standard. HP can make PC with Microsoft Windows, IBM can make PC with Microsoft Windows, but no one company other than Apple can make Apple computer with Mac OS.
26 years ago, when Bill Gates started to write DOS system, he never think of making PC an arbitrary system. Instead, he (and IBM, Intel) public the standard of interface, so that other companies can make keyboard, hard drive, sound card, video card for this system. With the investment of the whole industry, Windows is so popular now.
Apple has another story. Steven Jobs likes to have everything under control. He wants to make each part of the Apple computer perfect, from mouse to the plastic shell of the monitor. He doesn't like others to fool around his favorite. This is the reason that the Apple computer is famous with the good taste, so not so many people can afford that.

In 1996, Steven Jobs said: "The trouble with Microsoft is they have no taste". He is satisfaied because his computer is appreciated by good-taste people. But Bill Gates' dream is much bigger than that. Bill wants to deliver computer to every desktop (The Road Ahead, 1995).

Apple's share in the market is pretty small now. So this action, letting Windows to run on Apple computer, is pretty important. First, this is a signal that Apple is open. Second, this is a sign that Apple is having innovation. Third, this shows that Apple is going to challenge Microsoft in the market dominated by Microsoft.

Several months ago, Mac OS 10 is ready to run on Intel chip.