Wednesday, November 30

Firefox 1.5

The new Firefox 1.5 is good. The worst side of previors versions is the memory management. The allocated memory is never released. So if you visit a long webpage or a page with a lot of pictures (IYKWIM), then the used memory hikes up, and never goes down. 2 days later, you will finally have to restart your FF to clean up the memory. But the new FF 1.5 fixed this bug, I think. When I closed those pages, I can see the used memory bar going down.

A new feature of FF 1.5 is that in TabBrowsing, you can Drag and Drop to reorder the tabs. Yes, I would like to have this feature.

After updated to 1.5, most of my extensions are working well, including AdBlock, Dom Inspector, FlashGot, IEView, and SessionSaver, except the Google Pagerank tool. But, all of the themes are not compatible. So I can't use the Modern theme now. Only the standard theme is available.

Gees, all the customized search engine is deleted. I have to add them from . I also made some other search engines, and I wonder if I have a copy or not...

The AdBlock works wired. I can't "List All blockable Elements" any more.

If I have a time-machine, I wish I have made a copy before installing the FF 1.5.


At November 30, 2005 9:21 PM, Blogger xls said...

Good know. So I don't have to update my firefox right now.


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