Tuesday, July 19

Will Microsoft buy a nortious spam company?

Today when I was deleting spam emails as usual, I found one topic interesting:
MICROSOFT Plans to Purchase a Spyware Company...

Huh, interesting. It's said to be originally reported by NewYork Times, that Microsoft was in talks to buy Claria, "one of the world's most notorious peddlers of spyware and adware".

A spam email is not a trustful source, so I googled and found it's also reported in News.com, so that's real then. Claria, formerly known as Gator, renamed itself in 2003 because Gator really had a bad name. GAIN(Gator Advertising and Information Network) was built in many freeware/shareware and became a major pop-up ad source of our PCs.

Anyway, adware market is a big market. I remember that it is a 3 Billion dollars markey. No wonder that Microsoft is thinking to buy it.