Monday, May 30

Gene Ontology Application in Microarray clustering

Attached is a survey about GO Application in Microarray clustering.

Microarray enables high-through analysis of gene information, thus lead to revolutionary changes in Bioinformatics research. Clustering is the basic method applied in microarray processing. Different clustering algorithms from pattern-recognition are adopted in microarray clustering. But during the processing, biology knowledge of genes is lost, and researchers found the majority of clusters are not related to known biology. Gene Ontology provides a valuable, computationally accessible form of the community’s knowledge in a structured way, and many studies have revealed that GO should be applied in microarray analysis.

Keywords: Microarray, Clustering, Gene Ontology, Interoperability, Collaboration, Decentralization, Inference, Visualization

BTW: The Semantic Web.ppt is slides about Tim Berners-Lee's article in Scietific American: The Semantic Web A new form of Web content that is meaningful to computers will unleash a revolution of new possibilities. ...

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