Saturday, April 16

How important is Bloglines?

I have 70 feeds in my Bloglines account. Everyday I only read those blogs.

Today, as usual, I get up and turned on my computer, but bloglines kept me out and said my password was wrong. Looking around I saw keso in MSN Messenger, so I asked him, and he said, yes, it's confirmed that B is down, and he's already written a blog about it.

I read keso's blog everyday, but now since I can't login bloglines, I can't read anyone's now, how the hell can I know what is in his blog without bloglines?

People will see how important Bloglines is after this event. Yes, we must have a "decentralized" system to make sure a server can't effect so many people, but a central database is easier to maintain than distributed db.


At April 16, 2005 8:40 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

Bloglines is back. But we can still think of how important it is.


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