Sunday, March 6

Why I don't use Skype

Many friends introduced Skype to me. Actually I may be the first one to use it between them :) I tried Skype 2 years ago. The audio conversation was very clear. The problem is: It took the position of NetMeeting.

After I installed Skype, I couldn't call Netmeeting from MSN Messenger anymore.

NetMeeting is the tool I use to talk to my parents every week. I can't live without it.

Some might say: You can install Skype in your parents' computer, then you can talk, make full use of SkyPe's clear audio conversation.

The first problem is: My parents don't know computer well, and I don't want to introduce new software remotely.
The second problem is: Sometimes I can use NetMeeting's "Remote Desktop Sharing" to control my parents' computer, fix some trival errors. I don't see that function in Skype.
The third problem is: If I install Skype in their computer, how can they talk to their brothers (my uncles) through Internet? Should they install Skype too? How about my uncles' friends?....

So, I uninstalled Skype soon 2 years ago. Last month David said now I could have Skype and NetMeeting at the same time, so I installed it again, but I don't see anything different thant 2 years ago. It took me 2 days to uninstall Skype and put the Netmeeting back.

Don't ask me about Skype anymore!