Tuesday, December 7

Publish blog on your own website.

In , as default, user can publish her blog in http://yourname.blogspot.com. I have 3 reasons why I publish my blog in http://fadshop.net/blog :
  1. I have enough ftp space in http://fadshop.net.

  2. fadshop.net is my homepage, and you can search it from Google.com and any other search-engine.
  3. http://xxx.blogspot.com is blocked by China.

So I go to "Settings"->"Publishing", input my ftp address, username, password, and the path of folder where I want to put my blogs: /fadshop/wwwroot/blog/.

Be careful: If you have sensitive files in your webspace, or if you don't trust blogger.com, don't put your password and username.

It's easy. But if your want to publish your Site Feed, atom.xml at the same time, you should do more. Site Feed is an XML file that can be read by RSS Readers and RSS Aggregators to identify new messages in your blog. Go to "Settings"->"Site Feed" and check the "Site Feed Server Path". Usually we can put this XML file in the same folder as the blog. In my case, I put
"/fadshop/wwwroot/blog/" in the "Server Path" and "atom.xml" in the "Site Feed Filename", so I know the "Site Feed URL" will be http://fadshop.net/blog/atom.xml

After this, I added < a href="< $ BlogSiteFeedUrl $ >" title="Atom feed" >(Site Feed)< /a > in my template, then you can see the link.