Wednesday, November 3

Kerry, Uncompresser, and English training

Who will be the winner? Kerry? Bush?

A report said Kerry was more ambiguous than Bush. Kerry is a politician, and Bush is a cow boy. The point is: Is a politician better than a cow boy?

For me, I don't like Bush. He is keen on religion, so he doesn't like science much. Most people in Information Technology industry like Bill Clinton because he made some good decisions to promote the Internet, and it turns out the Internet is a big success. So I think they might vote Kerry this time.

This morning I got up and remembered the assignment 2 of 60-141. Yesterday many students asked questions of it in my office hour. Why don't I make a Flash to show the animation? It is a question in 1995's ACM Scholastic Programming Contest Finals. So I spent 1 hour to create uncompress Flash.

Yesterday I dig out an old software I made 2 years ago. I'm not so good at English Numbers, so I created this software to train myself. Click the button, the program will create 7 random numbers and speak out loud; then I must follow the numbers quickly. It helps for me, and it might help others too. One problem is: The software is created using Microsoft Speech SDK, so if the client's computer don't have that, it won't work. I should make a package including the SDK, then it will be at least 5M to download... :(

Anyway, let's see who's interested.