Sunday, November 7

The Forgotten

Friday afternoon, I went to watch movie "The Forgotten" with Eugene in Cineplex of Square One, Mississauga.

From the posting, we thought that's a scary movie. In the posting, a woman is looking forward so hopeless, with shadows of other people. "Everything you experienced never happened".
At the beginning, Telly was thinking of her 10-year old son. From an old news paper, we now know that her son was killed in an accident 1 year ago. She watched his happy video, read the photos. Her husband and her psychology doctor gave her advice to stop thinking of him, face the fact that the child is gone forever. Everything is so normal, so I told Eugene: Maybe this is only a family-movie, not a scare-movie.

Then something happened. She refused to forget her son, but one day her son's image was erased from the photos, and the video tapes were blank, and she even couldn't find the accident from newspaper in library. People told her that her son was never existed, she created that image because she thought of that too much.

She ran away from her family. She went to a drunk man(Ash)'s house because she sent her son to meet Ash's daughter who was also killed in that accident. But Ash couldn't remember his daughter either, and he called the police.

When the policemen got Telly, two NSA agents came over and said they took care of her case. At the same time, Ash walked into his daughter's room, suddenly something hit him, he remembered everything. He went after the NSA agents and saved Telly, then they ran in the city. Car-chashing, boxing, running... Now it turns into an action-movie.

Finally, it IS an alien-movie. Some outspace-aliens didn't believe the connection between mother and child, so they and NSA created the accident and erased the memory of other people, waiting Telly to forget her son. But the connection was so strong, that Telly couldn't forget him forever, so those aliens had to admit their failures and turned everything over. Telly got her son back. (Bullshit)