Thursday, August 6

Using Apple Magic mouse in Windows

The Apple Magic mouse is a bluetooth mouse, and it is compatible with most (if not all) windows computer. It can be easily paired with, then you can start using the left click and right click.

Except the scrolling functionality.

The scrolling functionality of the Magic mouse is so different from the traditional Windows mouse, that I can't really describe how it is, if you haven't use it yet. But it is so unique, that every Mac user can't forget. And yes, that is pretty much the reason why I want to use the Magic mouse in this Windows laptop.

Now I need to find the driver of it.

There are some apple community discussion  suggested to get the Boot Camp Support software and install the mouse driver, but the page gave a five year old package. I got to brigadier to get the source code running and download some Book Camp packages and finally found the driver I need.

Now I uploaded the package into  so you can download, unzip, right click the AppleWirelessMouse.inf to install the driver, then the scrolling functionality is in effect immediately.

Disclaimer: The  Boot Camp Support software is supposed to be used to install Windows in a Mac device. I went all the way through to exact the Magic Mouse driver from it, hopefully it is not violating the copyright of the software.

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