Sunday, September 10

Learning Python: 1, Introduction, and initial setup

Python is a very powerful computer language, and it is being used in a lot of world-famous website/software. The reason why it is good for beginner is that it is designed with readability/maintainability in mind. The Zen of Python is the main design philosophy of it, and we will talk about it again at the end of this tutorial, but the main idea is to keep the language "beautiful, explicit, and simple". We will see that soon.

Before we start coding, we need to setup the environment first. This part need some experience in computer, so the student can get it done by parents or teachers.

Tuesday, September 5

Learning Python: Step by step

1, Introduction. Setting up environment: Commandline/Notepad++
2, First project
3, Statement, Branches(if-then), Loop
4, Upgrade the environment: Professional IDE
5, Math, Class
6, Upgrade the environment again: Being professional: SVN/GIT
7, Further learning