Wednesday, June 2

Multi-Calendar Plugin of WordPress

April 19, 2011: updated to 1.2.3 version.

This is the update of Calendar Plugin of WordPress.

Please download
Kieran O'Shea's calendar 1.3.1+ has the same ability, so I will discontinue my update. Please proceed to his website to download the newest plugin. Thanks.

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Hi Ben- I am looking forward to viewing your new source code; unfortunately, the link to download the zip file does not seem to be working- it keeps timing out on me.
I'm sorry. The server was under transfer last year. Now it is recovered.
Happy New Year btw.
Hey Ben,

Seems like there is a 404 to the source again.

Hi Ben,

Seems like the source code is gone again.

Hi Ben, I am using Kieran's calendar plugin for one of my clients website and they would like to have a separate calendar for each recording artist on their record label. After scouring Google I found your modification to the plugin that allows creation of multiple calendars, however the link posted above does not seem to be working. Could you please update the link? Thank you very much!
Hi Ben,
The link to your multiple calandar is dead.
Can you please mail the calandar to
Thanks very much for your efforts !
Sorry for the unstable server. I've put the multi-calendar plugin to an alternative server:
Hi Ben. I found the but I can't figure out how to make a calendar for a specific category. The read.multi.txt is not sufficient for a novice. Can you please provide some more help text on how to do this.
Thanks very much.